by Miranda Pennington

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This is my second song of this year. I was hoping to put out the third by the end of February/beginning of March, but luck was not with me on that. At any rate, I've loved this song since I first wrote it, but I dunno if I'm crazy about this arrangement of it or not. I might revisit it later and do something different with it, but I have a lot of other musical things want to get to, some musical people I need to catch up with, other songs I'm writing...

I wish I had more to expound on the meaning of this song, the production, (or anything else,) but myself and the kids have been sick and I'm too tired to think at the moment. I will probably update this page later. I'm just getting the song posted so I can hit my personal goal and have the good feeling of knowing I stuck to it and finished it. (Now if I could just stick to a healthy diet with the same commitment, I'd look as good as I sound... or probably better.)


Lyrics -

Think about it quite a lot/ trying' to connect the dots/scatter like beads from a broken string/ I'm just trying to collect my thoughts/ Gonna track 'em down/gonna line 'em up straight/ get all the dimensions/volumes and weight/ gonna get the figures/write 'em down on a slate/ I think I got it/ but by then I'm too late... too late... too late

Well it takes a lot of practice to let things go/ just when I think that I'm free I've got to let go just a little bit more/ I wish I had the wisdom to just leave it be/ that is and it is not easy

I have got my reasons to determine/ and I don't need you to preach me no sermons/ I'm adding' up the omens that I see along the way/ I'm gonna find me the purpose and calculate/ scratchin' on the surface with equations in the sand/ tryin' to draw a better picture of the master plan/ then the moon rolls out/ the tide rolls in/ I'm rollin' all alone/ in the dark again... in the dark.. dark... dark


I keep losing' track of time/ looking' in between the rhymes/ try to sing 'em out/ but they don't make sense/ and if they do to you/ that's just a coincidence/ I'm gonna set this song on fire/ push it down a river on a pyre/ gonna burn it down/ gonna blow it away/ I'm gonna give it to the wind today..... I'm gonna give it away


released March 1, 2017
Me, Mice Elf, and I



all rights reserved


Mamma Ouija Dayton, Ohio

Mamma Ouija is the name of Miranda Pennington's songwriting project for 2017.

Thanks for listening!

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